Quarterly Regional GDP for Germany

Here you can download the latest quarterly real GDP data for the 16 German states (current vintage: 2021-Q4). [GDP data]

Please cite the GDP data as: Lehmann, R. and I. Wikman (2023). Quarterly GDP Estimates for the German States: New Data for Business Cycle Analyses and Long-Run Dynamics. CESifo Working Paper No. 10280.

Real-time Regional Economic Accounts Database for Germany (READ-GER)

Here you can download the latest version of READ-GER (current vintage: 2022). [READ-GER]

The original data stem from the Working Group Regional Accounts, with the latest available vintage available on their homepage. [VGRdL]

Please cite READ-GER as: Lehmann, R. (2023). READ-GER: Introducing German Real-time Regional Accounts Data for Revision Analysis and Nowcasting. CESifo Working Paper No. 10315.

Import Climate Germany

Here you can download the latest Import Climate for Germany (current month: 2023-07). [Import Climate]

Please cite the Import Climate as: Grimme, C., Lehmann, R. and M. Nöller (2021). Forecasting Imports with Information from Abroad. Economic Modelling, 98, 109-117.

ICT shocks for Germany

Here you can download the ICT shock series for Germany. [ICT shocks]

Please cite the ICT shocks as: Elstner, S., Grimme, C., Kecht, V. and R. Lehmann (2022). The diffusion of technological progress in ICT, European Economic Review, 149, 104277.